[Samba] file permissions

Bradley W. Langhorst brad at langhorst.com
Thu Apr 25 15:15:02 GMT 2002

On Thu, 2002-04-25 at 17:41, David McBride wrote:
> I have got my Samba file shareing to work, now I can not seem to get the
> permissions worked out like I would like.
> I would like admin and joe to have read and write access to all 4 folders.
> When I try to write to any folder except admin logged in as admin I can not
> write.
you need to join admin and joe to the smbusers group 
and set the permissions on user1 and user2 to at least 775
for that to happen. 

I think that is an unusual configuration though - most users have
exclusive write access to their home dirs (only root can also write

you could make joe and admin admin users using the
admin users directive

> Can some one direct me to a detailed document on how Linux handles file
> permissions or the best way to do samba fiel permissions.
samba file perms ARE linux file permissionns (unless you are using ACLs)
have a look at
> BTW why does directory . and .. have different permissions?
because . refers to "this" directory
and .. refers to the one above "this" one.
and they may have different permissions

> Users: admin, joe, user1, user2
> Groups:admins, joe
> Smbusers:user01, user02
> Group membership:admins-admin, joe   smbusers-user01, user02
> File permissions of data directory:
> drwxrwxrwx	root	root		.
> drwxr  xr  x	root	root		..
> drwxr  xr  x	admin	admins		admin
> drwxr  xr  x	joe	admins		joe
> drwxr  xr  x	user1	smbusers	user1
> drwxr  xr  x	user2	smbusers	user2
something is wrong with these - too many spaces
between r and x for group and other.


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