[Samba] Internet goes down. Samba dies

Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Thu Apr 25 02:11:02 GMT 2002

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Remember, I am talking about reverse name lookups, meaning where samba
has the IP address, but is looking up the name (as opposed to forward
lookups which find an IP address for a given name).

I haven't tried to setup reverse lookups with hosts files (I don't know
if it would work, and I have no way of testing it, since we have working
dynamic dns).

So, either
a)Set up DNS. There are other advantages to this (for example, ssh might
give you a login prompt faster). Using dynamic DNS, ie DHCP which
updates DNS records, (although a bit of trouble) will make your life easier.
b)Don't use hosts allow or hosts deny
c)Find some other way of ensuring samba can do reverse lookups. Maybe
nss_wins can do this, but that doesn't help you on the machine that is
the WINS server.

I stumped my head against this one about 6 months ago (with a client's
network), and  I chose to setup a firewall, and not use hosts
allow/hosts deny. I have since setup dynamic dns, which solved this the
other way.


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| I have the same problem and I only use IP addresses in my Host Allow/Deny.
| Strange thing is when Internet access is lost one samba server is still
| reachable the other is not. I have not been able to find the difference
| between the two. Both have almost identical global configs (Hosts
| Allow/Deny). Luckily our connectivity is quite reliable. Hope to hear some
| other possible solutions.
| Thanks!
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|> If we specify ip addresses, instead of host names will this remove DNS
|> server requirements?
|> We're running a firewall on this machine, however, I like to keep all
|> security in one place.
|> BTW, I know we didn't have this issue with older installs as we've been
|> using this technique for some time, however I believe this is first time
| we
|> used hostnames & depended on the hosts file.
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|> > If you are going to use "hosts allow" or "hosts deny", reverse DNS
|> > lookups must work on the server for any client connecting. You may want
|> > to run a caching and local DNS server.
|> >
|> > Otherwise, you might prefer to not use hosts allow and hosts deny, but
|> > set up a firewall instead.
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|> > Buchan
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