[Samba] About your howto and licenses

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Thu Apr 25 02:47:02 GMT 2002

On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, Davide Dozza wrote:

> Hi Tim,
> I hope you can help me in clarifying my ideas.
> I have read your howto in order to set Samba as Windows domain member.
> I have exactly the same your configuration with DC used only for
> authentication purpose. All shares are on the Samba server and nothing
> apart authentication is provided by the DC.
> The question is: clients partecipating to the domain (authenticated by
> the DC) must have the Microsoft Call License? That is, it is necessary
> for every client to have the licence required to connect to a Microsoft
> server even if it does not share anything?

Hello Davide,

I'm not that a expert in MS and licenses, but I will give you my ideas.

First I would actually read the licenses to see what their terms are. The
setup where my howto is based on also includes other still MS based file
and print server, so I think the licenses isn't a real problem in my case.

Second, you are taking about licenses for the clients, each clients that
wants to connect to the DC needs a license? Of so then I don't think you
need them. When a client connects to a Samba share it is Samba that does
the request to the DC and not the client itself. So it is Samba itself
that should need a license, but I don't know how that should work :-)

If you are also letting the clients connect to the DC, e.g. for user logon
authentication, then I don't know. Like I suggested, read the license

Hope this helps,

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