[Samba] help with basics

Rashkae rashkae at wealthmap.ca
Wed Apr 24 05:58:02 GMT 2002

Samba comes with lots of great documentation. In the Slackware install,
you will find it in /usr/doc/samba-2.2.0a/docs/
The documents are split between htmldocs and textdocs directories.

For Win2k, you will have to either modify a registry key that will allow
Windows to use plain text passwords, or you will have to configure samba
to use NetBIOS encrypted passwords.  Procedures for either case can be
found in the docs. The only other things you should need to change from
the sample smb.conf file to get going is the workgroup parameters.  At
that point, you should at least be able to connect to your
Samba Share.

On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, Rodger Haynes wrote:

Start by setting security = share until you can log on to the server,
then worry about authentication.
Make sure that you either have no firewall running on the server, or
that ports 137 to 139 are open from your local network to the server.

David McBride wrote:

>I am new to linux and Samba.  I have a box with Slackware 8.0 (no xwindows)
>and Samba (that came on the CD) installed.  I am useing the
>/etc/samba/smb.config-sample remaned to smb.conf file for my configuration
>file for Samba to learn on.  I have read many how-to's and article on the
>net to the point that I am only getting more frustrated and confussed.  I
>would like to start out with a few basic questions that I just dont seem to
>fully understand from what I have read.  I am useing a Win2K box to test
>Samba with.  I can browse through network neighborhood to the "slacknet"
>workgroup, but get the errors for account autorization errors or access
>denied.  I can even do find computer and see the system netbios name of the
>slackware box, but still no access.
>1. how does the line "guest account = pcguest" affect things if left
>commented out or uncommented.
>2. can someone tell me what option for the line "security = " I need to use
>if I want Samba to ask for a user name and password when I try to access it
>from my win2k box.  I have created a local user with "adduser" and added it
>to the samba user list with "smbpasswd", but it never asks for login info
>when I try to connect to samba.  the user account I created was 'guest01".
>3. I have a section that reads
>  path=/usr/somewhere/else/public
>  public=yes
>  only guest=yes
>  writable=yes
>  printable=no
>Is this good enough or does anything need to be changed?
>Thanks so much for your patience with a newbie,

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