[Samba] Samba & PDC & Concurrent Logins

Simon Jester tanstaafl_bh at netzero.net
Tue Apr 23 12:08:02 GMT 2002

Hi Martin,

Can't give you a complete answer, but can point you to where to look...

You have two choices that I can think of:

1) Don't use roaming profiles, and each computer will have its own profile,

2) Make the Roaming Profile mandatory - this will cause it to not save any
changes made after logging in- it will just d/l the profile each time.
Here's a fairly good explanation:


There may be other options, but none I can think off of the top of my head.


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> Hello Samba Developers,
> we have a little Samba setup here with about 8 clients (W2K, SP2) and
> Samba (samba-2.2.3a) installed on a Linux System (Linux version
> 2.4.18-pre3-ac1).
> We have PDC enbabled, all users are authenticated by Samba via
> smbpasswd. Profiles are kept in /home/profiles/samba/<username>/.
> Now the problem:
> A user "eddie" logs on one W2K. Profiles gets copied. Now "eddie" logs
> on to another W2K. Profiles gets copied again. "eddie" logs out of the
> second W2K, pofiles gets copied back. "eddie" logs out of the first W2K.
> Again, profile gets copied back. Now "eddie" wants to log on again in a
> W2K. W2K says it cannot open the profile and logs on "eddie" with a
> default profile.
> 1) People here are now very careful not to login twice on two maschines
> with the same login. But this is not what we want. Is there any solution
> to this problem, or should I provide more information on our setup?
> 2) I've noticed a problem when the W2K client does not log out the user.
> Then smbd sits there locking /home/profiles/samba/<username>/NTUSER.DAT.
> Next time the user tries to login, W2K cannot open NTUSER.DAT because it
> is locked by the stale smbd. I kill the smbd manually and then the user
> can login.
> I'm willing to provide as much information as necessary to get this
> problem solved / fixed and I much appreciate any help / hints and
> advise.
> With regards,
> ;Martin
> P.S.: I'm no list subscriber, so please reply also privately

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