[Samba] Samba & PDC & Concurrent Logins

Martin Rode martin at zeroscale.com
Tue Apr 23 04:27:02 GMT 2002

Hello Samba Developers,

we have a little Samba setup here with about 8 clients (W2K, SP2) and
Samba (samba-2.2.3a) installed on a Linux System (Linux version

We have PDC enbabled, all users are authenticated by Samba via
smbpasswd. Profiles are kept in /home/profiles/samba/<username>/.

Now the problem:

A user "eddie" logs on one W2K. Profiles gets copied. Now "eddie" logs
on to another W2K. Profiles gets copied again. "eddie" logs out of the
second W2K, pofiles gets copied back. "eddie" logs out of the first W2K.
Again, profile gets copied back. Now "eddie" wants to log on again in a
W2K. W2K says it cannot open the profile and logs on "eddie" with a
default profile.

1) People here are now very careful not to login twice on two maschines
with the same login. But this is not what we want. Is there any solution
to this problem, or should I provide more information on our setup?

2) I've noticed a problem when the W2K client does not log out the user.
Then smbd sits there locking /home/profiles/samba/<username>/NTUSER.DAT.
Next time the user tries to login, W2K cannot open NTUSER.DAT because it
is locked by the stale smbd. I kill the smbd manually and then the user
can login.

I'm willing to provide as much information as necessary to get this
problem solved / fixed and I much appreciate any help / hints and

With regards,


P.S.: I'm no list subscriber, so please reply also privately

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                    Executive Producer

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