[Samba] Checking installed software on Windows boxes

Roberto João Lopes Garcia roberto at mha.com.br
Tue Apr 16 13:31:02 GMT 2002

Thank You

It will help. In my network, all users logs into the samba PDC every day. I think it could work.

I will search for (Track-It! 4.0)


At 16:30 16/04/2002, you wrote:
>On Tuesday 16 April 2002 13:39, you wrote:
>> At 12:34 16/04/2002, you wrote:
>> >    The main thing we're getting out of the PDC is the ability to run a
>> >     script upon login to track installed software on PC's.
>> Good Idea to check the installed software on PC's with a script logon.
>> Could you give me more information on this script? Is it working? How it
>> get info from the PC's?
>   Unfortunately the script itself is not what is doing the real work.
>   When someone logs onto the NT machine, a drive is mapped the startup 
>script runs a commercial package (Track-It! 4.0) on the client, which then 
>pushes the information onto the NT PDC.
>   This solution has a few problems:
>   The script only runs when users log into the PDC.  Some users never turn 
>off their computers, so the script never gets run.  Also, some users have not 
>been set up to log into the PDC, and instead they log into their own PC's.
>   A better solution would be to allow an update of installed software upon 
>demand, but that solution was much more costly ($4000 as opposed to about 
>   I wouldn't recommend the current solution we're using, since there's no 
>way of guaranteeing that the information required gets gathered in a timely 
>        - Chris
>Chris Knadle
>cknadle at aeroflex.com
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