[Samba] why do i have so much trouble accessing an nt box?

chip.wiegand at simrad.com chip.wiegand at simrad.com
Tue Apr 16 09:57:02 GMT 2002

I have, on my desk, a FreeBSD-4.5 box and a NT4 box, connected 
to a kvm switch, and ethernet. I have samba installed and working 
correctly, and using XFSamba I can see the shares on the NT box. 
No matter how I set the permissions on the NT box shared folders, 
I get access denied when trying to access those shares from the
FreeBSD box. I also have a printer connected to the FreeBSD box, works
great. I can see the printer in the NT Network Neighborhood, but 
cannot get anything to print to it from NT, I get access denied on 
the NT box. On the NT box in network neighborhood I can see and 
access files on the FreeBSD box without any problems. I have had no
problems with any of this stuff when using FreeBSD and win95 or win98,
only with NT. I do have encrypt passwords = yes set in smb.conf. I am
using Samba-2.2.2_3.

Any ideas why accessing NT is such a pain in the a..?

Chip Wiegand
Computer Services
Simrad, Inc
chip.wiegand at simrad.com

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