[Samba] Beeweeb, Samba killer?

cmefford at avwashington.com cmefford at avwashington.com
Tue Apr 16 06:46:02 GMT 2002


Some of my folks here pressured me
to try it out. So I did. Works pretty well
but I know nothing about it other than it
works for windows and mac clients and works
across public networks like nothing if
you open the needed ports. 

It's kinda bothersome. I don't know where
this software came from or how it works. 

I've been using Samba for 7 years, and Netatalk
for 5. I don't want to change, but this software
offers some functionality that is "user friendly"
and I'm afraid my users are going to start
demanding it.

Does anyone on the list know anything
about this software? 

Thanks in advance.

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