[Samba] Auto create home dirs - how?

JC Nou jc_nou at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 8 19:36:14 GMT 2002


Have you checked out a PAM module called pam_mkhomedir.so?



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> I have setup Samba 2.2.3a with an OpenLDAP backend to store users, groups
> and computers successfully, which means users are created there directly
> not through the normal unix utils.  This means the user's home directory
> not created when the user is.
> Does anyone have ideas on how to get Samba to automatically create a home
> directory?
> Sounded easy to me, but I have the added complication of having many
> home directories on separate Samba servers (ie not the PDC), so I can't
> add a 'root prexec = createhomescript' in the [netlogon] share.
> I've tried the 'root prexec' in the [homes] section but Samba will not
> the user's home share unless the home dir exists - seems like a chicken
> egg situation to me.
> Ideas?
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