[Samba] Problems With Samba+Win2K Domain

Matthew Walker mwalker at mthmarketing.com
Thu Apr 4 14:29:02 GMT 2002

First, here’s our setup. We have a Win2K Domain, and 2 linux servers for
our webservers. I have samba running on both Linux Servers, configured
to use the Win2K domain controller as a password server. For several
months, this setup worked great. Then, we moved to a new building, and
got a new IP block. One of the Linux servers is still working perfectly
with Samba. But the other one now says it times out trying to reach the
password server. I can ping and trace to the server just fine, and the
two config files are identical except for shares. Can anyone shed some
light on this for me?
Matthew Walker
Ecommerce Project Manager
Mountain Top Herbs

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