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Oliver newsinabox at
Fri Sep 28 02:59:02 GMT 2001

On Fri, Sept 28, 2001, Sanvir Singh Jham wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have a server with samba installed. Here I want to  give a group all
> permissions to a particular directory.  So far so good no problem.
> Now when a user in the group creates a sub directory, other users of the
> group are not  able to add/change/delete files in this subdirectory due
> to the group write permissions are not set when the sub directory is
> created.  This is then set manually. How do I overcome this?

Use the following in your smb.conf for the specific share of the group:
    create mask = 0770
    force group = your_group_name

For more powerful options on this issue have a look at the following options in the man pages:
    force create mode
    force directory mode
> I want that anyone in the group can do anything in this directory
> structure.  If so how?
> [...]

This is achieved by the 'create mask' and 'force group' options as mentioned above.
If users not in the group should have specific rights you have to set some different 'create mask'. For example 0774 or whatever you need.



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