Newbie...config issues/confusion

Rebecca Pakish rebecca at
Thu Sep 27 14:23:09 GMT 2001

Hi all...

I'm new to the linux world and new to samba.
I just configured amanda to run on my RH 7.1 box and talk to my test solaris
client. Now I'm onto my NT boxes. My RH 7.1 came with samba 2.0.7, I went
out and got 2.0.10...

I'm wading through the man page for smb.conf and think I've got handle on
it. What I'm unclear about is that since I'm using RH 7.1, I don't have
inetd.conf, have xinetd.conf instead. I know in my amanda config, I didn't
have to put the udp/tcp lines into xinetd.conf as long as the entries were
correct in /etc/services. Is this true with samba as well?

I've got smbd and nmbd in /usr/sbin

when I try 
# smbclient -L hostname
added interface ip = bcast = nmask =

and it just hangs there, whether I have the netbios-ssn and netbios-ns lines
in xinetd.conf or not.

Please do not assume I know anything...feel free to talk to me like I'm a
six-year-old. I'm strugglin' here...


Rebecca A. Pakish
Systems Administrator
Unterberg & Associates, P.C.
(219) 736-5579 ext. 184

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