Samba & Windows ME

David Turner turner at
Thu Sep 27 06:53:03 GMT 2001

Does Samba support Windows ME machines/networks?  From what I can
gather, it seems that Samba can't register the netbios name on a Windows

ME network.

I've installed and configured Samba on my linux box along with DNS.  I
know that DNS is working correctly, and I know Samba is setup correctly
occording to all the documentation that I've went through.

I have one other machine on the small network, Windows ME machine, but I

can't access my Linux box via Network Neighborhood.  The machine name
(netbios name) for the linux box can't be found.

I used the tool nmblookup on my linux box and it finds the Windows ME
machine find, but it cant find this host that I'm on, the linux box.

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