Samba & Windows ME

Raven dmstowell at
Fri Sep 28 09:42:04 GMT 2001

On 2001.09.27 08:55 David Turner wrote:
> Does Samba support Windows ME machines/networks?  From what I can
> gather, it seems that Samba can't register the netbios name on a Windows 
> ME network.
> I've installed and configured Samba on my linux box along with DNS.  I
> know that DNS is working correctly, and I know Samba is setup correctly
> occording to all the documentation that I've went through.
> I have one other machine on the small network, Windows ME machine, but I
> can't access my Linux box via Network Neighborhood.  The machine name
> (netbios name) for the linux box can't be found.
> I used the tool nmblookup on my linux box and it finds the Windows ME
> machine find, but it cant find this host that I'm on, the linux box.

I have a network with one Linux server (also a WINS server), one Linux
Workstation, two Windows Me workstations, and one Windows NT 4.0
workstation. The only problem I've noted (as I check now) is that the NT
box is denied permission to access shares on the Me boxes. I'm not sure
that that's a Samba issue, though. All three Microsoft boxes see the Linux
shares just fine, though, and the Me boxes see the NT shares and the other
Me shares, as well.

I'm running Samba 2.2 (the latest release).

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