Winbind slowing down entire system

DICKENS,CARY (HP-Loveland,ex2) cary_dickens2 at
Mon Sep 24 11:45:02 GMT 2001

I have had the same trouble.  I traced it to login getting group
information.  When trying to find out what groups a user belongs to, login
gets a list of _all_ the groups the system is aware of.  On a domain with
12000 users and 14000 groups, it was taking 1 minute or more to come back
and sometimes the login session would timeout.  I was unable to find a
solution, but you can check to see if this is really the case for you by
taking winbind out of the group line of your nsswitch.conf file and
restarting inetd.  If the pause is gone when you telnet in, then you are
having the same problem I was.

Good luck,

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> Subject: Winbind slowing down entire system
> Hello people,
> Ok, I am only testing my system yet, so I update the 
> SAMBA_2_2 cvs sources
> frequently. That was what I did today, updated as usual, but 
> now I noticed
> winbind is slowing down the entire system while active.
> A simple lpd restart after making changes to the printers 
> takes minutes.
> Opening a terminal window in X server takes more than 10 
> seconds. If I shut
> down the winbind process, everything comes back to normal.
> Looking at the systems active processes, I notice winbind is 
> taking usually
> 10-15% CPU and 20% memory (it's a PIII 733 with 512 Mb RAM) 
> while doing
> anything in the system. After the process finishes (lpd restart for
> example), winbind goes back to the normal sleep state.
> Tha samba side: accessing shares looks as fast as usual, but 
> opening or
> making changes to printer properties also takes ages.
> Also, I noticed logging into the server with a telnet session 
> takes several
> seconds (using a local unix account). And it wasn't like 
> that, some recent
> changes in the sources made that difference.
> System is Red Hat Linux 7.1, 2.4.3 kernel. I didn't make any 
> changes to pam
> files as I don't need domain users accessing unix services. In
> nsswitch.conf, the passwd and group lines are 'files winbind'.
> Any clues?
> cheers
> Gustavo
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