Slow WIN 2K

Jamie McParland jamiemcparland at
Fri Sep 21 00:11:03 GMT 2001

Ok now that I don't have any hair left I have come to you for help.

Heres the scenario,
Win 9X clients work fine. I have WIN2K and NT clients that when I connect to
the samba server opening directories and files is extremely SLOW. BUT heres
the good part.. If I map the drive it works just fine!

Now for the guts. I am having this same problem in 2 different locations.
One site is RH7.1 with samba 2.0.10

The main site is a RH 7 box with Samba 2.2.1a
I AM using encrypted passwords

I used webmin to sync the unix accounts and the SMB passwords.

I am NOT trying to do any kind of PDC stuff. I have tried so many different
configs its just crazy. Master browser, WINS server, then I tried it with
those options off. I tried just allowing guest users and still nothing.

So I am thinking this has to do with something either file permissions and
locking.. OR name resolution... But I am still not sure.. Any one got any


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