Printing Windows-2000

Peter peter at
Thu Sep 20 17:04:13 GMT 2001

> IIRC I described why this happens under the "use client driver"
> parameter in smb.conf(5).  I'm betting that you are logged into
> the NT/2000 client as an admin and hence the reason for the
> "access denied" message.  You are also using a local printer
> driver (not one installed on the samba server).  NT treats
> local printers differently.

Yes I am logged I as an admin on windows 2000.
With the help of the mailing list I was able to download from the CVS and set 
up "use client driver" in my smb.conf file.
Now I can print to my HP LaserJet_4M as admin on windows 2000 but I can't use 
my Epson Stylus Ex Printer, it still comes up with access denied.

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