Weird samba mount issue

Mike Zbiegiel Mike.Zbiegiel at
Wed Sep 19 11:26:02 GMT 2001

I've seen this before, and it had me stumped for quite a long time.  I've
noticed that Samba doesn't parse directory contents very well when strange
characters are contained in a filename, such as tab, filenames starting with
a space, etc...  Check the directory for any such files and rename them to a
normal name.  That should fix the browse view.

Michael Zbiegiel
DCS - Unix Systems Specialist
Tellabs Operations Inc.

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Subject: Weird samba mount issue

> I ran into this today:
> When I mount a share on a Windows 2000 PC with mount -t smbfs, it
> But then I can see only 380 files on that share! Trying with smbclient, I
> list all the files (over 8000 of them). What could be the problem?
> What is funny though, is that all the files that are listed does not begin
> [A-Za-z].
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