Printing from NT as user not logged on to machine.

Danie Roux droux at
Wed Sep 19 00:03:12 GMT 2001

Good day,

I need to let users log on to NT pc's as "ntuser", but printing has to

I want the user to browse to \\printers\hp2100, then log in with a user and

I get this error that is explained in WinNT.txt: 

   "You have insufficient access to your computer to perform the
    operation because a driver needs to be installed"

So I make the ntuser part of administrators. Browse to \\printers\hp2100,
install the driver and it works. I then remove the user from administrators,
and browsing to \\printers\hp2100 then still works as I want it to.

My question is: Is there a better solution? I notice that WinNT.txt hasn't been
update since 1997.

I need to create 60 users for 60 PC (ntuser01, ntuser02 ...) and doing this
whole procedure for each PC (every month) will kill me (more correctly the
assistants :-)

Danie Roux *shuffle* Adore Unix

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