printing problems (bug?)

Christoph Beyer christoph.beyer at
Wed Sep 19 05:01:12 GMT 2001


I'm using LPRng 3.6.26 as spooling software with SAMBA 2.2. Everything
works fine except that sometimes the NT client can not delete his job
from the queue because the remove command is not executed at all. What
happens instead, the job in the queue (in the NT queue window) changes
his name from the filename to the name of the temporary samba printfile
(smbprn.XXX) which can then be deleted with a second try (the remove
command is executed that time).

I tried SAMBA 2.2.1a but there it is eaven worse, after a few seconds in
the NT queue window a second job with the temporary samba printfile name

If this is considered to be a bug would it be possible to send me a
patch because I'm running under production with >6.000 clients and 500
queues, so this makes my phone ring quite often !!! 

It doesn't seem to have anything todo with the print or remove commands
it seems more to be something 'SAMBA internal' though I don't see
anything in the debug 2 mode...

Could you please 'CC' me, as I'm not on the list.

thanks for any help and this great piece of software !!!

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