Problem mapping filesystem on Windows95

Mike Zbiegiel Mike.Zbiegiel at
Tue Sep 18 10:18:02 GMT 2001

This sounds like the system is not able to resolve the WINS address of the
samba server.  Test by using the IP address instead of the samba server


If this works, you know that it cannot find the server in WINS.  Verify that
you're pointing to the right WINS server, or try placing the samba server in
the lmhosts (or is it just hosts, don't recall) file.

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Subject: Problem mapping filesystem on Windows95

> Hi!
> I have a Solaris 2.5.1 system running a Samba server 2.0.4b.
> I can map the share on an NT4 PC, but doing the same on a
> Windows95 PC is not possible. I get the error message "The computer or
share name could not be found"
> The two PC (NT4 and Windows95) are connected to the same IP subnet and the
same NT-domain.
> I have the same userid and password on the NT-domain and on the Samba
> Can anybody help me??
> Best regards
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