Samba over SSH tunnel

Greg Kopp gkopp at
Fri Sep 14 11:52:05 GMT 2001

I am trying to see if this is even possible.

We have a network in my office of mostly Windows machines, all connected to
the internet via a firewall.

We have a co-located Linux server in another state.

I want to centralize my authentication setup, so that there is but a single
username/password combincation used accross all systems.

I have configured SSHD on the co-located Linux server to authenticate using
pam, and to use pam_smb.

I have three SSH tunnels (although I doubt all three are needed or even are
usefull) :

ssh -2 -L
ssh -2 -L
ssh -2 -L

All of these are very stable and remain open all of the time.

By adding a user in my /etc/passwd file like this:

gkopp:*:501:501:Greg Kopp:/home/gkopp:/bin/bash

I can successfully authenticate this against the windows PDC. YEAH!

Now, I am trying to take a directory on the co-locted server, and be able to
share it accross an SSH tunnel.

Any ideas on how I can do this?


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