Security level = server

Steven Li stevenli at
Fri Sep 14 12:10:02 GMT 2001

We have samba 2.07 loaded to a Sun Solaris 2.6 server. We use "share" as the
security level
and ask users to provide unix account and user password and it will
authenicate.  However, users who use the windows 2000 professional through
corporate network (NT 4.0 domain) is having problems to map network drives to
our samba server.  The corporate network personnel suggest us to use "security =
server" and use their password server.  It works great for the windows 2000
users to authenicate through the corporate password server.  However, the
corporate password server does not recognize our group and its permission in our
local nis server.  Now users can access their home directories but not able to
write to their group directories which the corporate password server do not
recognize.  Is that a way that we can modify the smb.conf file to accommodate
users to authenicate their NT userid with corporate password server in order to
access their home directories and authenicate their group file and permission
through our local nis server so users can access their group files that we
defined in our local nis server.

I appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks in advance.

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