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Hi Harmeet,
It sounds like at one point in time smbd/nmbd was started by someone not
logged in
DIRECTLY as root - maybe they did a su, or used some security program that
sets effective
uid to root; anyway, what this message generally means is that the creator
of the samba
shared memory id/semaphore id is not 'root'.  You should be able to resolve
this by
killing any smbd and nmbd daemons and doing 
ipcrm -S 0x00280269
ipcrm -M 0x00280267

then, while logged in as root, start samba; nmbd -D and smbd -D

Hope this helps,

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I work for SUN Microsystems and I have a customer running samba 2.05a under 
solaris 2.6.

SMB status gives:

route did not create the semaphore 

failed to initialise share modes 

Cant initialise shared memory - exiting

Daemon is still running

Did a test parm  - this seems to indicate configuration is OK.

Same config running on another similarly setup machine , which works fine. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Harmeet Grewal.

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