Attaching to Samba shares..

Joel Hammer Joel at
Wed Oct 31 14:04:03 GMT 2001

You can call them anything you want. The share name in smb.conf will, I
believe, look the same to a linux client as to a windows client.
On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 02:29:14PM -0500, Brad wrote:
> We have been using Samba to provide shares on out Linux boxes for Windows clients up to now and it has worked very well.
> However, we are now moving to replace the Windows/Office PC software with RedHat 7.2 and StarOffice 6 and so I would like to know how to attach to the same Linux Samba shares with a Linux client. Before, the staff used to have "F-Drive", "S-Drive" and "U-Drive" for their relative data storage/retrieval. What will they have now?

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