New 2.2.2 question/ACL Lists

mitchlist mitchlist at
Wed Oct 31 12:16:29 GMT 2001

OOOOKay.  Here's my somewhat silly question.

the 2.2.2 whatsnew says: 
nt acl support 
This parameter has been changed to a per-share option, and is
very useful in enabling Windows 2000 SP2 to load/save profiles
from a  Samba share.

Here's the dilemmna.  

I have no NT server.  However under win9X  networking - access
control tab, you can either give share level, on a machine by
machine basis, or user level.

I have not (am I just being stupid here?) seen ANYTHING
that talks about implementing ACL support previously for SAMBA
only implementations.

Is this what I've been looking for??  Or have I missed it for
Mitch B

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