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Hi Richard;
Are you doing the operations on these files from the MPE prompt, or are you
in the posix shell at the time of the edit/pipe, whatever?  And what MPE
filetype are you working on?  Problem is that samba doesn't know anything
about MPE filetypes (like fixed ascii, binary, etc), and when a posix
program under MPE (like samba) accesses one of these files, it is doing so
thru a 'bytestream emulator' provided by mpe.  DEPENDING on what MPE
filetype the original file is, this emulator is going to add crlf line
termination to the file, etc...  So Unless you are working strictly on
bytestream type files, your results are going to be interesting.  There are
a couple of MPE specific commands (tobyte and frombyte) that will take MPE
typed files and convert them to bytestream and visa versa; you may want to
do this to your files before operating on them from samba...
Just a thought.  You may also want to discuss this with your HP MPE support
folks - they can give you a better feel for exactly what is happening with
the bytestream emulator (part of MPE, not samba)...
Hope this helps,

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From: Richard Barker [mailto:Richard.Barker at virgin-exp.com]
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Subject: RE: HP3000 problem

QEDIT, but it appears to do it even when I pipe a normal file (non qedit)
into another file. 

I've got around the problem I have by creating a document in NT and saving
it in the Samba share then 'piping' this to another file.

This solved my problem, but I know a number of the VB guys here have
problems with using files created on the HP. 

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When you create files 'on the 3000' what editor do you use? 

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Don't know anything about hp3000. Is it a unix machine? 
If so, it should end all text lines only with a 0A character. Dos adds the 
OD 0A at the end of each line. 
Stripping out the extra 0D is a trivial problem with tr. 
Adding the extra OD for dos is easy with sed. 

On Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 10:50:08AM +0100, Richard Barker wrote: 
> Hi 
> I'm new to this list, so I apologise if this has ever come up before. 
> I'm using Samba on an HP3000 and can view, change, update files through NT

> with no problems.  The issue I have is when I create a file on the HP3000 
> always adds special <CR><LF> characters, which then invalidates the 
> information in the file in NT. 
> Does anyone out there know a way I can remove these characters. 

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