Guest access even when domain is out of service?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed Oct 31 05:56:59 GMT 2001

On 30 Oct 2001, Eric Wallace wrote:

> I'm proposing Samba as a solution for several problems in an
> enterprise environment. However, high availability is absolutely
> critical to some applications, hence the question...
> Since Samba apparently can't serve up "local" accounts when it's using
> domain-level security (couldn't this be made an option?!?), I need to

Sure it can.  When using "security = domain", smbd will fall back to
smbpasswd is the authentication fails.

> know if a domain-member configured Samba server will allow "guest"
> access (assuming it's configured properly) even when all the NT domain
> controllers are completely unavailable. Or, does the domain security
> call upon the domain's guest account, and therefore not work when the
> domain is gone? Will there be a time delay (timeout contacting domain
> controllers) before Samba allows the guest login? Has anyone really
> tested and proved this?

Try "map to gues = Bad User" (but be very careful).  It is going to very
hard, if not impossible, to distinguish between a valid domain user with
an unavailable DC and some unknown user.

cheers, jerry
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