samba will not work for me... :/

Unix Rookie unixrookie at
Wed Oct 31 00:05:09 GMT 2001

--- Joel Hammer <Joel at> wrote:
> Walk through the trouble shooting document, DIAGNOSIS.txt in the samba
> distribution.
> Joel

Alright... I ran through the entire DIAGNOSIS.txt file... and everything check
out... (w/ exception of the 'net view' statement)

There was something that might be odd.  I don't know if might indicate a
problem or not.

Test 5 says the following:


run the command "nmblookup -B ACLIENT '*'"

You should get the PCs IP address back. If you don't then the client
software on the PC isn't installed correctly, or isn't started, or you
got the name of the PC wrong.

If ACLIENT doesn't resolve via DNS then use the IP address of the
client in the above test.

Now this is the output I get:

(FreeBSD Machine)# ./nmblookup -B (win98se machine) '*'
INFO: Debug class all level = 2   (pid 15418 from pid 15418)
added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
querying * on
name_query failed to find name *

It maps the name to the address... but what's this "name_query failed to find
name * " all about?


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