How do I make samba NOT be a domain controller?

Andrew B. Greytak andrew at
Tue Oct 30 11:13:05 GMT 2001


My question is:

I want to have my samba server allow domain users to connect, but I
do NOT want the samba box to be a domain controller. What settings
do I need?

The story so far:

The domain has an NT4 PDC and an NT4 BDC, a bunch of NT and 2000
workstations, and (hopefully) one RH linux box running samba 2.2.2.

By using security = server or security = domain, users are indeed
able to connect and everything appears fine.

However, from time to time Windows NT workstations in the domain think
that my linux box is a domain controller. Then, users can't log in on
the windows boxes and it is difficult to get them to talk to the real 
PDC again. In the Windows NT server manager, the linux box always appears
as a "Windows NT 4.5 Backup" -- but I don't want it to be a backup!

I have set the browser level to zero and set all the browsing master 
options to false, but the problem persists.

Also, at this point I cannot get the linux box to join the domain (it
is only a member of the workgroup now, but still manages to confuse other
workstations). When running smbpasswd -r <server> -j <domain> I get the 

So, I'd appreciate any advice. 

Andrew Greytak
Lieber research group,
Harvard Chemistry dept.

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