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Pierre BINET binet_pierre at
Mon Oct 29 10:30:03 GMT 2001

Please help me
I want to personalise logons for each people, or at least for two
so I need to do a 
"include=/.../shares.%g " (or %L).
 But it does not work. When I logon all the shares in shares.%g are not
taken into account.

My other trouble is to personalise the logon script too. In a preexec
script I verify if I must use virus update on the workstation. If I
must, I want to add DOS line in the .bat file, to verify if there is a
antivirus, which one it is and other checking. for that I do in my
if [condition]
cat antivirus.addon >> logon.bat

of course, antivirus.addon is a DOS file. if I launch my preexec file by
hand it works very well and I get a logon.bat like I want. But if I log
on via on a workstation the cat is not done. 
If anyone has an answer, I will be very pleased.

Other trouble: can't manage to make samba work under a linu virtual

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