How to share files/directory to the members of the group?

LouisVoo louis at
Mon Oct 29 05:00:06 GMT 2001


    I just finished install and configure samba as a PDC.  My w2k and w98
can login wihtout any problem.

    I have a share directory call "files" in the samba server.  The
permission of this directory is set to 775 and the owner is set to
root:mygroup.  When I login from w98/w2k, then I create a directory under
"files" directory, and the directory permission is automatic set to 755,
owner is louis:mygroup.  My problem is how can I configure when I create a
file/directory and it will automatically share to mygroup members, i.e the
permission is set to 775?

In my smb.conf I have this
    comment = public files
    path = /files
    read only = no
    public = yes
    write list = @mygroup




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