can't mount drive - HELP!

Bryan M Baer bbaer at
Fri Oct 26 10:04:03 GMT 2001

I'm trying to debug my major problem of not being able to set up my 
print server and decided to revert back to the very simplest of smb.conf 

         workgroup = arlington

         writable = yes
         public = yes

With this conf I can mount my user directory using another linux box but 
can not mount it with a win 95 machine either via command line or via 
the browser interface.  When connecting using browser interface I get a 
login box that has a pre defined setting that looks like this:

Resource:  \\FS1\IPC$

FS1 is the name of my samba box

in the same window is a password field.... no password on the system 
works here.

Why doesn't this work?

HELP PLEASE!!  I've never used SAMBA before!


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