can't mount drive - HELP!

Joel Hammer Joel at
Fri Oct 26 13:41:04 GMT 2001

Try setting guest account = ftp and guest ok = yes (The former in global and the latter
in your share.)
If this works, consider reading the documentation next time.
It may be a browsing problem. Can you see your computer in network
neighborhood? Does the share appear?
You might try a more simple share:
[ public ]
     guest ok = yes
     path = /
     read only = no
 n Fri, Oct 26, 2001 at 01:04:43PM -0400, Bryan M Baer wrote:
> I'm trying to debug my major problem of not being able to set up my 
> print server and decided to revert back to the very simplest of smb.conf 
> files:
> [global]
>          workgroup = arlington
> [homes]
>          writable = yes
>          public = yes
> With this conf I can mount my user directory using another linux box but 
> can not mount it with a win 95 machine either via command line or via 
> the browser interface.  When connecting using browser interface I get a 
> login box that has a pre defined setting that looks like this:
> Resource:  \\FS1\IPC$
> FS1 is the name of my samba box
> in the same window is a password field.... no password on the system 
> works here.
> Why doesn't this work?
> HELP PLEASE!!  I've never used SAMBA before!
> Thanks,
> Bryan
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