Advanced user rights on a samba PDC

Frederic Le Bastard frederic.lebastard at
Thu Oct 25 08:20:41 GMT 2001


Sorry for the crosspost on both lists.

I've just finished to install a Linux RedHat 2.4.2 / Samba 2.2.1a server,
which acts as a PDC server for about 30 windows 9X/NT/2000 clients.
It works ok, but 2 problems remain, which I suspect to be bounded :

1) I can't start the user manager for domains on a Win NT4 workstation SP5
box, i have the following error message (translated form french to english
:-) : "nonvalid symbolic link". It then prompts me to choose another domain
to administer.

2) I'm installing Backup Exec 7.3 on a WinNT4 SP5 workstation. During the
installation process, it prompts me for a username to start the services. If
I select a domain admin account, Backup exec tries to assign it the
following advanced NT right :"act as part of the operating system", in wich
I suspect it doesn't succeed, giving me the error message : "failed to creat
account". (I suspect it comes from the advanced rights, as long as the
account already exists)

And here is my question : how can I make thoses things work ? and is it
possible to change advanced user right on a Samba PDC controller ?

Thanks for your help


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