Active Directory Winodws Compatible?

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Thanks for the info.  I must have to admit that I'm totally confused now.
Can you tell me what new feature in 2.2.2 allows the "security-domain"
option to work?  Someone told me that using "security=domain" means that
your samba server is acting like a BDC and that BDC's are not allowed in a
"native mode" active directory environment.  But if this is the case then
why would samba 2.2.2 work in a "native mode" active directory environment?

I apologize if I seem dense.  I've got the O'Reilly "using Samba" book and
have been reading it over and over again.  But I'm not sure I understand the
NT terms so I get confused.

Here's my questions:  

1) What is it that 2.2.2 has that 2.0.6 doesn't have which allows
"security=domain" to work?
2) Our samba servers running 2.0.6 appear to be ok as long as we switch to
"security=server"...why is that?

Our company is doing a huge rollout of a new application that heavily relies
on using samba in a clustered failover environment.   Our European
counterparts were hesitant to use samba because they weren't familiar with
it.  I fought hard to use samba because it's been such a reliable and
valuable tool for our local site.  Now I'm facing a predicament where
questions are being asked and I don't know how to answer them!  I still feel
strongly that samba is the answer..but I sound like an idiot when I try to
explain why because I just don't understand all the technical details of
Active Directory and samba.

Thanks for any help/info/insights.   

  -- Alison Ayson

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On Tue, Oct 23, 2001 at 03:47:40PM -0700, Ayson, Alison {Info~Palo Alto}
> Forgive me if I don't understand all the NT/Windows terms.  We've just
> migrated to Active Directory in "native mode" and all our our samba
> stopped working (Samba 2.0.6), except for one SGI box that was at the
> version of Samba ( 2.2.2 ).   We are using "security=domain" in our
> file.  As far as I can tell the one server at Samba 2.2.2 seems to be ok.

Yep, that's pretty much as I'd expect. We tested Samba 2.2.x with
Windows 2000/XP as our base test client/server.

I'd suggest upgrading the other servers to 2.2.2.



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