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Richard Houston rhouston at rlhc.net
Wed Oct 24 10:07:02 GMT 2001

Hello all,

Wondering if anyone can help me with this little

I installed two samba server at a client site.
They were setup with share level security and all
was fine. I than moved to user level security to
increase security and resolve some password
caching issues on the win98 clients( note only win
98 clients on this network). The second samba
server is a hot stand by that sync with the
primary files   every two hours. Idea is that if
the prim server fails the users can click on the backup
server in network hood and get there files.

Two day after the move to users level security the
prime file server failed. HD controller issue.
Instead of using the backup server they just
called me at home. I got he prim back up and
running but no clients could access the share on
the prim or the backup. You could see both servers
in the net hood but if you tried to access them
you got a network device not available massage
after about 30 seconds of waiting. I could mount
shares from the prim to the backup via smbfs with
no problem and could mount shared from both samba
servers to a win 98 machine with no problem. On a
hunch I moved back to share level security on both
servers and they could access the shares again.

I have tried re adding the users to the smbpasswd
file via the smbpasswd program, uninstalling the
samba components and reinstalling. The only
updates to the win 98 clients were IE6, direct X
8A and all applicable patches for win 98 using the
MS online updated thingy.

The servers are Trustix 1.5 ( cut down RH6.2 with
many updates) with Kernel 2.4.10, 3Com 905b NICs.

Any help would be great. The client was happy but

Thanks in advance

Richard Houston



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