Samba NIC Failover

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I've not tried this before, but the Beowulf project has a program called
ifenslave that is supposed to take standard nics and make them behave as one
(a "teaming" software like Tom mentioned).  The url for the program is:

There are also changes that need to be made to the kernel to support the
channel bonding of the nics.  If anybody has tried this out I'd be horribly
interested to hear of your experience.


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Typicall NIC Failover is accomplished thru "teaming" software, provided by
the vendor of the NIC card.  I have seen Intel pro 10/100 and compaq NIC
cards teamed.

Go to the vendor of your NIC card(s) and find out if they offer teaming
software for their NIC cards.

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> All,
>     If samba is on a server with two NIC cards, can samb.conf be
> configured to use the other NIC if one goes down? Can this be done at
> the server level? Or does this have to me dealt with at the network
> level (i.e. load balance)?
> Cheers all,
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