W2K and include=%U

Marco Hoffmann marco.hoffmann at net-and-works.de
Wed Oct 24 07:59:02 GMT 2001

Hi List,

sorry for reposting but we still have trouble with our environment.

The facts:

The current network consists of Windows98-clients and a linux-box
with samba 2.0.7 acting as a pdc.

In the smb.conf we use the entry:


to achieve that every user gets his own, dedicated network neigh-
borhood. That way the user sees only that ressources that he's
allowed to access. Bit like the bindery in NetWare ;-)

The existing environment properly works.

But in our tests for upgrading clients to W2000 SP2 and PDC to
Samba 2.2.2 we're faced with the following problem:

The shares due to the static entries in smb.conf are accessable,
the dynamic shares from smb.conf.%U as well.
After 1-2 minutes the dynamic generated shares that are _not_
mapped to a drive-letter disappears in the network neigborhood
(also "net view"). Trying to type "net use * \\server\dyn_ressource"
brings no success.

The logfile shows that the username is properly provided by the
client. The test of including the variable %U in the comment of a
static share in smb.conf shows also the right username.

(eg: [test]
     comment = %U

Is anyone out there with a little hint for a frustated adminstrator?


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