Automatically mounting user's home directory

Chris Tooley ctooley at
Tue Oct 23 14:11:49 GMT 2001

I got around this by creating a perl script to parse the /etc/passwd
file on my machine and create login scripts for people.  I e-mailed it
to someone on the list and they wrote a wrapper? for smbpasswd that ran
a similar script after doing an smbpasswd -a.  One of the advantages is
that I can create different scripts for different users based on user,
group, or any other section in the passwd file.  Disadvantages are that
I have to manually execute it as root, and it creates a login script for
every user every time it's executed (if you manually edit any, you have
to be careful of this script).

Chris Tooley

On Tue, 2001-10-23 at 15:24, samba-admin at wrote:
> Hello list,
> well, I managed to set up Samba 2.07 to pass on a startup script to our Win
> 9x clients during logon. Scripts execute, shares are mounting.
> I have run into a dead end with the home directory however.
> I want to mount \\servername\home\username to a drive letter.
> Does Win9x pass on the username in a variable, that can be used in a logon
> script?
> I've tried all varieties e.g. "net use H: \\servername\%u", etc...
> Or maybe it's not possible at all?
> Cheers from Munich,
> Volker
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