File not found/No permissions problem (Solved)

Denis Sbragion d.sbragion at
Mon Oct 22 09:44:19 GMT 2001


well, I found a solution for the File not found/No permissions problem. The 
problem is caused by kernel oplocks. If I set "kernel oplocks = no" after 
shutting down and restarting samba things start working the right way (i.e. 
as perfect as samba usually do). This is consistent with the fact that with 
the old 2.0.38 kernel, which doesn't support kernel oplocks, there was no 
problem at all.
	I don't know which strange interaction is going on between kernel oplocks 
an long names. May be the name mangling code fools the kernel, may be a 
kernel bug (I'm using 2.4.9 now). I'm willing to help find a solution or a 
workaround for this weird bug, anyway I think it may be rather difficult to 
trace it because it happens at random. Usually the problem appears 
consistently on some clients if you drag and drop a file in a long name 
folder into a Notepad icon. It doesn't happen if you double click on it or 
if you drag and drop it into an already open Notepad. Sometimes instead of 
the no permission message you get a pause and an oplock break error in the 
log and after that things start working even with kernel oplocks enabled 
(are they turned off by samba?). Another things I noticed is that if you 
right click on an EXE or a DLL in a long name folder and get the 
properties, you don't get version informations. Again with kernel oplocks 
off, or after the oplock break error, it starts working again. As usual 
this happens only on Win98 (SE), not on NT or 2k. I haven't tested with Win95.
	I hope this could help reproduce and solve the bug. For further 
informations don't esitate to contact me.

Bye and thanks to the samba team for their great work.
	Denis Sbragion
	Tel: +39 0362 805396, Fax: +39 0362 805404

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