File not found/No permissions problem (Solved)

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Mon Oct 22 10:38:16 GMT 2001

On Mon, 22 Oct 2001, Denis Sbragion wrote:

> Hello,
> well, I found a solution for the File not found/No permissions
> problem. The problem is caused by kernel oplocks. If I set "kernel
> oplocks = no" after shutting down and restarting samba things start
> working the right way (i.e.  as perfect as samba usually do). This is
> consistent with the fact that with the old 2.0.38 kernel, which
> doesn't support kernel oplocks, there was no problem at all.

This is bogus because if ther kernel doesn't support file leases,
then "kernel oplocks = yes" shoudl have no effect.  Hmmm...
Apparently it did though.  I'm curious to know what exactly happened

> 	I don't know which strange interaction is going on between kernel oplocks
> an long names. May be the name mangling code fools the kernel, may be a
> kernel bug (I'm using 2.4.9 now). I'm willing to help find a solution or a
> workaround for this weird bug,

I'll dig through the mailing list archives when I get a chance
to review this thread.

cheers, jerry
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