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Ivan Fernandez ivan at
Sat Oct 20 03:07:03 GMT 2001

Hi all,

	after lots of testing and reading of source code, logs, glibc and messages
in the list, I think there's a bug in a function inside samba (even in 2.2.2

	The problem is related to function seek_file and a file being more than 4
Gb in size.
	I don't quite understand samba code, but I think there's perhaps a data
type in that function in fileio.c that is smaller than it should be.

	I noticed the problem while making a backup file grater than 4 Gb from
ntbackup 2000 over a samba share.

	Another part of the proble is that I can't get samba 2.2.2 compiled with
LFS. I have downloaded a version 2.2.2 debian binary that works Ok (except
for the bug described above). This is really annoying since I cannot
recompile samba to make my tests. All I get when I compile (gcc 2.95, kernel
2.4.9, glibc 2.2.4) is a samba working ok for authentication purpouses but
unable to show directory listings: it shows a list of empty name directories
instead of files....

Any help will be appreciated!
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