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Andrew V. Samoilov kai at
Wed Oct 17 06:43:04 GMT 2001

Joseph Loo wrote:

> I am not sure but you might be running into the limitations of the
> ext2 file ssytem. I believe it has a 4 Gbyte limitation on a single
> file. You might have to consider another file system for your large
> files.

ext2 fs limitation is 2GB blocks. Block is at least 1024 bytes long.

> Ivan Fernandez wrote:
>> I'm reposting this problem (perhaps a bug) now I've got more
>> information on it. This is another point of view of the situation
>> and I hope someone could have run into the same trouble before (and
>> solved it :-))
>> This is it:
>>         * with ntbackup 2000 I create a 22Gb .bkf file in the
>> windows machine.
>>         * I can copy that file over a samba share and get correct
>> info form the file in windows explorer.
>>         * ls -l also returns correct info, *WHILE* stat, mc, and
>> other programs raise up with an error regarding a value too high for
>> defined data type.
Some program was compiled with large file support, some without.
MC 4.5.55 can be configured with --enable-largefile. This also
fixes some mc problems over ntfs on 2.4 kernels.

>>         * If I try to create the file with ntbackup directly over
>> the share, it gets downsized to 0 bytes and grows slowly while
>> ntbackup dies when the file crosses the 4 Gb (exactly) size.
>>         *I have compiled myself version 2.2.2 of samba and,
>> surprisingly, the 4Gb "limit" situation described above was taken
>> down to 2 Gb exactly.
>> Any idea on what's happening, please??
Please mail me kernel and glibc versions.

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