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Hi Ashok,
I am guessing that you are using the 'homes' section of the smb.conf
to share out your user home directories.  This is going to be a problem;
the individual home directory shares don't actually EXIST until the user
with the appropriate name connects to the samba box; so unless ALL of 
your users were connected to samba, the shares wouldn't be available.
What you COULD do, if your home directories are all under the same
unix path (for instance /home), is make an explicit share to that parent
directory, set browseable=no
and make the ONLY valid user for this share your 'superuser', and set him as
'admin user' for that share.  Setting him as an admin user for the share
means that
when he accesses files in that share, he will do so as the unix user 'root'.
For instance, if your home directories are under /home  (like
and the user that you want to give superuser access to is named 'mike',
your 'super homedir share' would look like:

valid users = mike
admin users = mike

Hope this helps

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I have created users on samba, they can accees their
home directories.

I want have one super user who can see all other home
directors when he logs on.( The group leader to check
their report)

Is it possible in samba, Please help me how to
configure this on samba.

I am working on RH7.1 linux.


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