[homes] don't switch to username

Walter Laub walter.laub at schwindt.net
Wed Oct 17 03:49:03 GMT 2001


prior version 2.2.2 all works fine, but with latest version we have the
following problem. Switching back to older release all works fine.

When user login, the connection to [home] section fail because the swich
to the located username is not made (before Release2.2.2 NT connect
automatical drive h: with \\[SMB-SERVER\%U). My smb.conf:
logon path              = \\%L\Profiles\%U\%a
logon drive             = H:
  path                  = /pc/home/%U
  comment               = Home Directories
  writeable             = no
  browseable            = no
  valid users           = %S
  write list            = %S
  directory mask        = 0750
  create mask           = 0750

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Kind regards

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                                  96450 Coburg
                                  Tel: 09561/5560-25
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