Printing from linux w/winbindd?

Ferenc Gyurcsan fgyurcsa at
Tue Oct 16 11:45:01 GMT 2001

Hi List,

I was searching in the archives, but couldn't figure out a suitable reg exp
for searching. So here is my question.
I was wondering how people are using samba to print to a win printer with
password. The best I could come up with was to use smbclient, but then it
asks me for a passwd, or I'd have to put it in a script. The new release has
this winbindd, and maybe that could be a solution.
So the ideal case would be: User logs in on linux, which logs him in into
the NT domain too (PAM). Then when he wants to send a print job to a
printer, smbclient (or something else) would already know that the user is
authenticated to the NT domain, and could print without supplying a
password. Is this possible?



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