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At the command prompt:

cd /etc/samba
vi smb.conf

Use the arrows to navigate.  If you find some text you want to delete, press
the x key.  If you want to add any text press the i key to enter "insert
mode" and type whatever you want.  Hit Esc to exit "insert mode".  
To save changes type :wq
To exit without saving :q!

Be sure to type "testparm" at the command prompt after editing smb.conf to
make sure you have no typos.  From there, you should be able to type "smbd
start" and "nmbd start" to be up and running if you've properly set up
smb.conf for your network.
Hope this helps,

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Subject: Request for Tech Support

I have been working with Windows/DOS all my life and I am totally Linux/Unix
illiterate. My boss just bought a new Dell server and I am trying to
configure Linux RedHat 7 on the box. Can one of you geniuses please tell me
in simple English how to edit the smb.conf from the command line. I can't
get the swat program (or XFree86 for that matter) to work on my machine. I
would really appreciate any assistance you can render. Thank-you... I will
certainly be happy to contribute Pizza money if you guys can help me or
point me towards any reference material that is written in a simple language
that I can understand.

Juli L. Jacobs
Mgr Network Operations
Sedata Payroll Express
julij at

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