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Joseph jolt at
Tue Oct 16 06:39:04 GMT 2001

Also, have you looked at the man pages?

At command prompt:

man smb.conf

Adam Ellis wrote:

>At the command prompt:
>cd /etc/samba
>vi smb.conf
>Use the arrows to navigate.  If you find some text you want to delete, press
>the x key.  If you want to add any text press the i key to enter "insert
>mode" and type whatever you want.  Hit Esc to exit "insert mode".  
>To save changes type :wq
>To exit without saving :q!
>Be sure to type "testparm" at the command prompt after editing smb.conf to
>make sure you have no typos.  From there, you should be able to type "smbd
>start" and "nmbd start" to be up and running if you've properly set up
>smb.conf for your network.
>Hope this helps,
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>From: Juli L. Jacobs [mailto:julij at]
>Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2001 8:40 AM
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>Subject: Request for Tech Support
>I have been working with Windows/DOS all my life and I am totally Linux/Unix
>illiterate. My boss just bought a new Dell server and I am trying to
>configure Linux RedHat 7 on the box. Can one of you geniuses please tell me
>in simple English how to edit the smb.conf from the command line. I can't
>get the swat program (or XFree86 for that matter) to work on my machine. I
>would really appreciate any assistance you can render. Thank-you... I will
>certainly be happy to contribute Pizza money if you guys can help me or
>point me towards any reference material that is written in a simple language
>that I can understand.
>Juli L. Jacobs
>Mgr Network Operations
>Sedata Payroll Express
>julij at

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